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Becoming a Mapper

What is mapping?

Who can become a mapper?

How do I become a mapper?

What are the benefits of mapping?

How does mapping work?

What type of data does mapping provide?

How is mapping data collected?

How can a person become a successful mapper?

What advice would you give a new mapper?


How often are gigs available?

Can I travel to another location to participate in mapping?

How will I find out about available gigs?

After how many data submissions do I get paid?

Does Rwazi give Mappers IDs?

How do I get a Rwazi mapper ID?

Do mappers receive contracts of employment?

Rwazi App

Where can I find the Rwazi App?

Can I map or collect data in my mother tongue?

Can I sign up using someone else's device?

Where is Rwazi located?

Why does the Rwazi App request access to my location?

Getting Paid

How do I get paid?

How much do you pay per data submission?

How to add payment details?

How to change payment accounts?

When can I cash out?

How long will it take to process my earnings?

Which payment methods are available?

Can I share a payment account with someone?

Privacy & Safety

Safety Notice?

How to stay safe while mapping?

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